Expert Guest Of The Month


Topics: Customer Experience,  Sales, Job Search, Career Advancement, Workplace Productivity, Leadership.

SYMP Expert-Erick

Eric D. Brotman

Topics: Legacy/estate planning, Investing/understanding the stock market....

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SYMP Expert-Felicia

Felicia Shanken

Topics:Creating a successful business in under 3 years, Woman Strategist & Business Builder....

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Ginger Johnson

Topics: Association Exec's, Meeting planners, CEO's with teams they wish to nurture /professional development.

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SYMP Expert- Harriet

Harriet Stein

Topics: Reduce Stress ,Increase Productivity and Sales, Improve Employee Engagement...

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Howie Zales

Howie Zales

Topics: Sports TV Industry, Broadcasting, Health, Leadership, Live-Streaming, and Podcast - TV Crew Talk

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SYMP Expert-Ann

Mary Ann Faremouth

Topics: Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, Businesses..

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Susan- SYMP Expert

Susan Fitzell

Topics: Education, Business Growth and Retention, Teamwork/Teambuilding...

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Tatiana Tsoir

Topics: Validate the efficacy of your product and service, Determine which business formation suits your...

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SYMP Expert- Tony

Tony Martignetti

Topics: Improving human connection in the workplace, Exploring new ideas through new thinking models....

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