Ginger Johnson

Human Connection serves across all categories. Leaders and Decision makers who choose to invite me to work with them are across all industries. The message and work we accomplish together is intentional and mindset driven. People seeking growth, to help boost confidence, communication, competence are the very best audiences. All services and conversations are served up in partnership with my high energy, fun & flavorful style!

About Ginger Johnson Expert Guest

Ginger’s a human connecting expert, and teaches the why and how of connecting through interactive Keynote Speaking & Connecting Experiences. Audiences get useful and life-changing insights, tools & practices about the Power of Connection. Starting with Why & Mindset, she helps leaders and teams, audiences and listeners develop connecting mastery. Because it’s always a great day to connect!

High positive energy and enthusiasm, singular insights and research, curiosity and humor are what propel great work with terrific client partners forward.

Our very best work happens when we feel connected – being welcome and wanted At The Table of life, which includes all our business and personal endeavors. Every desired outcome is Powered By Connection – including Resiliency, Communication, Deeper engagement, Productivity, Growth, and Greater Profitability.

  • Association Exec’s.
  • Meeting planners.
  • CEO’s with teams they wish to nurture /professional development.
  • BCorps, Green Energy, Organic Food, Educational Leaders.

See Ginger Johnson In Action

  • Human Connection Expert.

  • At the Table.

  • Reset Refresh Revitalize Keynote.

  • The Language of Connecting.