Vetted Experts: Each expert on the Shock Your Media Potential platform has been vetted by producing documentation of their media and public-speaking savvy, previous on-air media interviews, guest appearances on podcasts, and more.

Time Sensitive: By vetting guests for you, we put numerous qualified guests at your fingertips. If one isn’t available for your deadline, another likely will be. Our goal is to help you find spectacular guests, in real-time, with all of their credentials and proof of concept, all in one easy to navigate space.

Experience On Camera: Although not all of our candidates have been on live TV, they are all comfortable in front of a camera. We know that an expert guest is important for their knowledge. We also know how incredibly important it is to have someone who captures, and keeps the attention of, your viewers.

Shock Your Potential, CEO and founder Michael Sherlock knows the power of television to showcase experts. She also knows that media producers, reporters, anchors and more need to know that the people they interview are not only credible and newsworthy, but that they are also able to command an audience.

We created the Shock Your Media Potential website as a way to bring proof of credibility, newsworthiness and on-camera presence to those in the media looking for excellent guests.

In our world of 24 hour a day news, and constant streaming, the need for qualified and credible guests is greater than ever. And Shock Your Media Potential is the perfect medium to deliver on that promise.