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Lisa Dadd

She is on a mission to show business founders and leaders that the success they’ve been seeking isn’t found outside of their comfort zone, as we’ve been led to believe, but rather INSIDE it. She teaches people to create buy-in using their natural energy, without being exhausted by the sales process.

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It’s only when we are able to return to ourselves – to commit to rediscovering who we truly are – that we are able to fully show up and create the impact we desire.  By determining our own unique soul language, we gain a radical self-awareness that not only creates ease and authenticity, but also a powerfully engaging way to do business.  

Soul Sales™ gives us the tools to access our most naturally effective approach, so we can communicate our value in ways that others understand. 

  • Discover Your Soul Sales Archetype.
  • Curating Connected Conversations.
  • Radical Self-Awareness: Uplevel your Impact and Influence.

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